Item Ingredients Video
Lasagna Sausage + Ground/mince beef + mushrooms.

Tomato can

Eggs+ Ricotta cheese (thick/white)+ Parmesan cheese (like ordinary cheese) + Parsley

Lasagna noodles
Asian Beef and Broccoli Beef cut/Steak + Soy sauce + Corn flour + Rice wine/Dry cherry + Ginger


Garlic+ Oyster sauce



Fresh prod. Fresh prod. Frozen
chilli banana pizza
garlic apple chips
Onions mango ice-cream
Sweet potatoes orange vegan meat
pototoes frozen veg
plantain Quiche
Breads Meat Dairy
bread rolls Beef, mince Yogurt
pancake Chicken Cream (for pancakes)
bagels Lamb
Broche Sausage
Hotdog (mustard+onion)
International Spices
malt drink Honey (for chicken)
fruit juice Schwartz Seasoning
Chic pea/lentil Sweet chilli sauce
Tomato and other cans Tomato, garlic, BBQ sauce
Breakfast Snack Superfoods
Eggs Chips, Popcorn Liver
Milk peanuts, peanut butter -vit, iron,
Cereal Spreads (crackers) blueberry shakes